Double Chocolate Muffins (Ok fine, they’re cupcakes without frosting…)

February 22, 2021 || By: Hope F My mom and I love the quote, “once you lick the icing off a cupcake, it becomes a muffin, muffins are healthy.” This muffin is totally that except not very healthy!. I made it because I wanted something chocolate, and when I had a bite I thought –Continue reading “Double Chocolate Muffins (Ok fine, they’re cupcakes without frosting…)”

Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookies

February 16, 2021 || By: Hope F Chocolate chip cookies – a craving that surely every person is bound to have at some point in their life – are taken to a whole new level with these sea salt chocolate chunk cookies! There are always fantasies of chocolate chip cookies warm out of the ovenContinue reading “Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookies”

Mixed Berry Crumble Bars

February 2, 2021 || By: Hope F Mixed berry is basically the best combo ever, whether it’s blueberries/raspberries (which is what this is), raspberries/blackberries, all three together, you can’t really go wrong! The crust is so tender, crips, and delicious, and it pairs very nicely with the gooey berries on top. Adding in a sprinkleContinue reading “Mixed Berry Crumble Bars”